Acton Veterinary Clinic / COVID-19 NOTICE

Acton Veterinary Clinic

470 Youngs Ridge Rd
Acton, ME 04001


Acton Veterinary Clinic’s Response to COVID-19


Acton Veterinary Clinic has continued to provide care for our patients during the pandemic.  Since mid-March, we have adjusted the way we provide veterinary services in an effort to keep our staff and clients safe and healthy.  Measures include curb-side service, implementing new cleaning and disinfectant protocols, and telemedicine for select cases.  Thank you for your patience during this time as we continue to adjust and adapt to this new way of practicing veterinary medicine.




  1. Please delay scheduling or re-schedule your pet's appointment if you are experiencing ANY symptoms of respiratory illness and/or symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Alternatively, have a healthy friend or family member transport your pet to AVC.
  2. If you are sick and your pet is experiencing a medical emergency and you cannot find someone else to transport your pet, please call AVC before driving to the clinic and inform us of your situation.
  3. If your pet is due for routine care (Wellness Exam, vaccinations, etc) or has a condition that you feel requires medical attention, please call AVC for availability. We are scheduling Wellness Exams 4-6 weeks out at this time. We are still performing surgeries at this time.  Unfortunately, we will not be performing any house calls for the foreseeable future.
  4. For new and existing clients who have been residing or traveling outside of Maine and New Hampshire: We ask that you respect the 14 day quarantine upon entering or returning to Maine for scheduling your pet's veterinary care until the 14 day period has been completed.
  5. We are currently accepting new clients and patients, but do reserve the right to postpone scheduling appointments for clients who reside in areas that have active cases of COVID-19 or who are under a 14 day quarantine (for health or travel reasons). For new pets that have been acquired outside of Maine, the 14 day waiting period also applies. 
  6. Telemedicine: If your pet is an active patient with AVC and has been examined within the past 1 year, we may be able to perform a consultation or triage over the phone or by video conference, for a fee. This service may be helpful for pet guardians who are ill and/or prefer to remain at home, or who are unable to travel due to travel restrictions.




  1. SMALL DOGS AND CATS: please thoroughly wash hard plastic carriers or wipe down cloth carriers as well as possible. Please wipe down your pet’s coat with a damp towel prior to placing them in the carrier. Please place your dog or cat in the carrier before you leave the house.
  2. MEDIUM AND LARGE DOGS: please wipe down your pet’s coat with a damp towel prior to leaving the house.  Please cleanse the leash and collar  with a disinfectant, or at least a towel with soap, before you leave the house.
  3. Please wash your hands prior to leaving the house with soap and warm water for the recommended 20 seconds.
  4. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE AND BRING A MASK OR FACE COVERING OF SOME SORT. We appreciated your thoughtfulness, and we will be wearing masks as well.
  5. PLEASE BRING YOUR MOBILE PHONE WITH YOU, and please be sure that AVC has this number on file.
  6. Please plan ahead for method of payment. At this time we prefer credit cards to cash or check in order to limit the handling of money.
  7. An AVC staff member will contact you prior to your pet's visit to start the check in process, prepare estimates if needed, and to discuss any products that you would like to purchase on the day of your visit.




  1. Please remain in your car with your pet. Please do not walk around the property or permit your pet off leash.
  2. An AVC staff member will call you on your mobile phone to acknowledge your arrival and complete the check in process, if not already completed prior to your arrival.
  3. Please be considerate and wear a mask when one of our staff members interacts with you curbside, which includes transferring your pet into our care and then back into your care after the visit is over.
  4. An AVC staff member will come to your car wearing appropriate PPE. For pets in carriers, please take the carrier out of your car and place it on the ground. We will then bring your pet into the clinic.  For dogs, please step outside of the car with your dog on a leash, we will have you place a clean AVC slip leash over your dog’s head, and then have you remove your leash.




  1. For aggressive dogs, we may ask you to place a muzzle on your dog before we bring your pet into the clinic. We may need to reschedule your pet’s appointment to a future time when the pet can be administered a tranquilizer prior to leaving home for the vet visit.
  2. Once inside the clinic, your pet will be examined. After your pet is examined, you will receive a call from a technician or Dr. Perks to discuss exam findings and make recommendations for your pet. If your pet is due for immunizations or other treatments, they will be performed and then your pet will be returned to your vehicle.
  3. Unfortunately, we have no public restrooms at this time.





  1. A staff member will call you for payment over the phone using a credit card. Cash and checks are accepted as well but we prefer to limit handling of these items whenever possible.
  2. A receipt will be e-mailed to you unless requested otherwise
  3. A staff member will then bring any medications/food, or other items to your car.

Thank you for reviewing and following these guidelines. We hope this makes your visit as smooth (and safe!) as possible.



Jesse Perks, DVM & AVC team