Current COVID Protocols

Acton Veterinary Clinic

470 Youngs Ridge Rd
Acton, ME 04001


COVID-19 Protocols for Acton Veterinary Clinic

Dear Clients,

Over the past year and a half we have been able to provide veterinary care without interruption. Our continued goal is to provide services for your pets while minimizing the risk of virus transmission to clinic staff members and to you, our valued clients.  Prior to your pet's visit to Acton Veterinary Clinic, please review our current COVID-19 protocols below. 

IN PERSON VISITS:  We are currently inviting one person to accompany a pet inside the clinic for his or her appointment.  If you are accompanied by a child or children, we ask that you stay in your vehicle with them and your pet's visit will be performed curbside. 

MANDATORY MASKS/FACE COVERINGS:  These are required for clients and staff members during an in person appointment, regardless of vaccination status.  When we are interacting with you outside, masks are discretionary.  Your pet's appointment may be performed curbside if you decline to comply with this requirement.

COMMON SENSE COVID-19 PROTOCOLS:  If you are feeling sick, experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, have  tested positive or have been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past two weeks, please call to re-schedule your pet's appointment. Similarly, if you have any respiratory symptoms (cough, sneeze, etc) unrelated to COVID-19, please either re-schedule your pet's appointment or ask us if your pet's visit can be performed curbside.

CURBSIDE CARE: This service is available upon request for any veterinary visit.  There are certain situations when curbside care is necessary.  These include but are not limited to the following:

1. Traveling with childrenFor safety reasons, we ask that you remain in your vehicle with your children unless you are traveling with another individual who is able to monitor them.

2. Multiple Pet Visits:  The previous 18 months of curbside care have taught us how to improve the veterinary experience when multiple pets in one family are scheduled for consecutive appointments.  This has reduced the stress level for the pet being examined and the staff members focusing on that pet's care.  This applies to pets that cannot be transported in a pet carrier.  As a general rule, unless there is someone who can wait in the car with your pet(s) during another pet's appointment, we will perform curbside service for all of your pets.  Exceptions to this protocol will be considered on a case by case basis.  If pets are in pet transport carriers, then multiple carriers may be brought into the clinic at one time.

3. Medication/Food Pick Up/Lab Specimen Drop Offs In an effort to limit foot traffic and congestion in our reception area, this service will continue to performed curbside.  When you arrive, please text 207-806-7153 or call 207-477-8144 to let us know you are here.  A staff member will be out to greet you as soon as possible.

4. Surgery Drop Offs and Pick Ups:  In the event of inclement weather or if your pet's condition requires otherwise, drop offs and pick ups for surgery will be performed curbside by a staff member. 

5. Technician Appointments:  As a general rule, appointments performed by a technician will be performed curbside.  These include but are not limited to nail trims, certain booster vaccinations, and bandage changes.

UPON ARRIVAL TO THE CLINIC:  Please remain in your vehicle and either text 207-806-7153 or call 207-477-8144 to announce your arrival.  A staff member will begin the check in process by phone or curbside momentarily.  If there are any prescription products (preventives, refills, food) that you need on the day of your visit, please alert our staff members so that we can prepare them during your pet's visit.

AFTER YOUR PET'S VISIT:  Once your pet's visit is complete, please return to your car with your pet (or we will bring your pet out to you after tests/treatments are performed) and a staff member will complete the discharge process curbside. You will be given a receipt, a date for a future appointment if necessary, and any requested products

Additional Services:

  1. Home Delivery: Pet food and medications may be ordered through our Vetsource Online Pharmacy and delivered to your home. Food deliveries that are on “auto-ship” are eligible for free shipping.   Simply visit our website, and click on the Vetsource button at the bottom of the front page. 
  2. Telemedicine: teletriage and telemedicine consultations may be available for patients whom we have examined within the past year.  This service is fee based;  if it is determined that your pet needs to be seen in person for an urgent problem then the fee paid for the telemedicine consult will be applied toward your pet’s visit at the veterinary clinic.