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Acton Veterinary Clinic

470 Youngs Ridge Rd
Acton, ME 04001


COVID-19 Protocols for Acton Veterinary Clinic

 Dear Clients,

During the pandemic, we have continued to adjust and refine our safety protocols for Acton Veterinary Clinic.  Below we have outlined our current guidelines so that you know how to prepare for your pet's veterinary visit.  As a team, we have been doing our best to protect you and each other by wearing face coverings at all times, sanitizing regularly, and maintaining social distancing as much as possible.  We sincerely appreciate your efforts to help keep us safe as well so that we may continue providing care for our patients.


Prior to your pet's appointment, we will send you a list of screening questions. If you answer YES to any of the following questions, please respect our team's health and safety and reschedule your pet's appointment.

  1. Have you or a household member tested positive for COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
  2. Are you presently in quarantine for exposure or potential exposure to COVID-19?
  3. Are you presently experiencing any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or any other respiratory illness?
  4. Have you traveled outside the US or to a state other than NH or VT in the past 14 days?


MANDATORY FACE COVERINGS: Wearing a face mask or covering is mandatory for all interactions with veterinary staff, even if you are in your car and communicating via a partially opened window.  We reserve the right to refuse service for anyone not in compliance with this requirement.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: We will make every effort to respect your personal space and remain at a safe distance when your pet is in transition from your hands to ours.  We know that maintaining 6 feet is not always possible, but we will do our best during our interactions with you.

BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE:  For small dogs and cats, please thoroughly wash hard plastic carriers or wipe down cloth carriers as well as possible. Please wipe down your pet's coat with a damp towel prior to placing them in the carrier. Please place your cat or small dog in the carrier before you leave your home.  

For larger dogs, please wipe down the coat with a damp towel prior to leaving home and disinfect the leash and collar as well. 

Please bring your mobile phone with you.  If you know that you do not have access to mobile service while in Acton, please alert the clinic ahead of time. 

Please plan ahead for method of payment.  At this time we prefer credit card or check over cash.

WHEN YOU ARRIVE/CURBSIDE CARE:  At this time we are practicing curbside care. Upon arrival, please remain in your car and call 207-477-8144 or text 207-806-7153 to announce your arrival. Please park along the rock wall in front of one of the 3 numbered blue signs.  Please do NOT park in the spot closest to the clinic that is marked as "Reserved".  A staff member may ask you to move your car to this location when we are ready to see your pet.  

When instructed by a staff member, please bring to the door your large/medium sized dog ON A LEASH or your cat/small dog in a clean pet carrier. Unfortunately, no clients are permitted in the clinic at this time.  The only exception is for pet euthanasia, during which one family member will be able to be present as long as the COVID-19 screening conditions have been met.

COMMUNICATION DURING YOUR PET'S VISIT:  During your pet's appointment we will contact you by phone to ask additional questions, review findings, and discuss a plan for testing/future visits.

AFTER YOUR PET'S EVALUATION:  a team member will bring your pet back to your car and then the check out process will be completed.  You will receive a receipt, date for a future appointment, and any products requested or prescribed during your pet's visit.

Thank you for taking the time to review our COVID-19 protocols.  Your pet’s health, your health, and the health of my veterinary team members are my top priorities. 

Stay healthy & safe this holiday season and beyond. Hoping that 2021 will be a positive one for all of us.


Dr. Jess


Additional Services available:

  1. Home Delivery: Pet food and medications may be ordered through our Vetsource Online Pharmacy and delivered to your home. Food deliveries that are on “auto-ship” are eligible for free shipping.   Simply visit our website, and click on the Vetsource . 
  1. Outside Visits: Weather permitting, and depending on your pet’s unique situation, outdoor evaluations may be possible. Please ask if an outdoor visit would be appropriate for your pet. 
  1. Telemedicine: teletriage and telemedicine consultations may be available for patients whom we have examined within the past year.  This service is fee based;  if it is determined that your pet needs to be seen in person for an urgent problem then the fee paid for the telemedicine consult will be applied toward your pet’s visit at the veterinary clinic.